Transforming Bureaucracies & Understanding Policy Processes for Sustainable Livelihoods

Effective policy, institutions and processes (PIPs) are increasingly recognised as essential for the achievement of sustainable livelihoods. However, exactly how to create them is often unclear.

This research, funded by the Department for International Development Policy Research Programme (PRP), distilled practical lessons and guidelines for transforming policy and institutions from two research projects – one on institutionalising participation in natural resource management (NRM) bureaucracies (India), and the other on policy processes for NRM (sub-Saharan Africa).

Policy processes and institutions need to be more accessible and responsive to the interests of the poor and socially excluded. Understanding how to move towards appropriate policy, institutions and processes is a key challenge that this project sought to address.

The goal of the research was to contribute to building the capacity of staff in DFID and its partner organisations to promote policy, policy processes and institutional frameworks supportive of sustainable livelihoods. The project outputs were aimed principally at DFID country advisers and programme officers, NGOs and consultants working with DFID, and other partner organisations. Other target institutions  included the World Bank, FAO, UNDP and EU.

Project details

start date
1 January 2001
end date
31 December 2001