UN MONUSCO/World Bank DRC Consultancy

The primary objective of the consultancy is to support the development of a coordinated approach to monitoring and evaluation for the Peace Consolidation programme (PCP) in DRC. The scope of work and deliverables of this consultancy are the development of an M&E framework which builds on the draft PCP and its central objectives.

IDS  is expected – based on the PCP programme outline – to:

  1. Deliver a summary based on the desk/literature reviews outlining the rationale and evidence on which the methodology adopted by the PCP is based.
  2. Provide, under the guidance of the Stabilization Advisor, the majority of the drafting/technical inputs to finalize guidelines for use by partners in the elaboration of an appropriate project design supported by an explicit M&E framework.
  3. Identify and  draft key recommendations for the implementation of the PCP, in particular the results and resources framework.
  4. Develop recommendations on the desirability and possible modalities for the elaboration of a research project which would inform the evolving development and implementation of the PCP, as well as record and analyse its experience and make these available to theoreticians and aid programme planners within and beyond the DRC.

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start date
6 June 2012
end date
30 June 2012


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World Bank Group

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