Understanding Drivers of Conflict and Fragility in Pakistan

Under this consultancy, Patricia Justino will co-lead, with the World Bank team, research and authorship for a background paper (and related publications) on drivers of conflict and fragility in Pakistan. This will involve the following tasks and responsibilities: 

  • Conduct a literature review into relevant multi-disciplinary evidence, theory, and policy instruments related to drivers of conflict and fragility, with a focus on issues relevant for in the context of Pakistan;
  • Co-lead the development of a paper outline, conceptual framework, and analytical plan;
  • With inputs provided by the World Bank team, compile a district level panel database with information on conflict, poverty, labour markets, access to services and land distribution;
  • Identify and obtain relevant datasets not already possessed by the World Bank team for supplementing analytics;
  • Conduct the empirical work;
  • Co-author a high-quality background paper (and any related publications); and
  • Deliver presentations as needed to disseminate key findings and policy recommendations to relevant stakeholders.

Patricia Justino will provide research support and policy expertise in conflict and fragility, household welfare and development economics to contribute to this activity.

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start date
8 January 2018
end date
15 June 2018


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World Bank Group

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Deborah West

Project manager

Patricia Justino

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