Universalising Water and Sanitation Coverage in Urban Areas: From Global Targets To Local Realities in Dar Es Salaam

The Sustainable Development Goals have targeted universal access to water and sanitation, and associated monitoring is intended to help achieve this target. Reflecting on Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, this consultancy explores how global monitoring could better support local efforts to improve water and sanitation in low-income urban settlements.

A team from IIED in London, IDS and the Centre for Community Initiatives in Dar es Salaam will work to:

  • Support community residents in developing water and sanitation “ladders” illustrating local preferences and priorities.
  • Compare these with ladders promulgated internationally.
  • Explore the extent to which internationally comparable indicators are crowding out more locally relevant indicators.
  • Suggest ways of creating a monitoring system that values local relevance alongside international comparability.

This is part of a larger IIED project on Connecting Cities and their Basins.

Project details

start date
1 April 2016
end date
31 December 2016


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