UNU-WIDER Symposium on Taxation & Revenue Mobilisation in Developing Countries consultancy

Bruno Martorano will be conducting research on the topic of ‘Tax Changes and Inequality in Latin America, 1990-2010’ to be considered for publication as a UNWIDER Working paper.

As part of the UNU-WIDER project ‘Macro-Economic Management’, the ICTD/UNU-WIDER Symposium on Taxation and Revenue Mobilisation in Developing Countries aims to bring together researchers interested in employing the Government Revenue Database (GRD) to address primarily, although not exclusively, the following questions:

  • What is the impact of economic growth of tax policy, its instruments, and its institutions?
  • How does tax policy interact with public finance more broadly, in for example, improving governance performance?
  • What tax regimes have been more effective in tackling high levels of income inequality, and what is role for tax policy and its instruments in poverty reduction?
  • What is the political economy of tax and revenue mobilisation in developing countries? Are more competitive democratic political systems associated with better tax systems?
  • How are natural resources rents taxed, and what issues arise in ensuring that this revenue mobilisation is effective for growth and development goals? 
  • What role does foreign aid play in tax and revenue reform, both in terms of policy and institutions?

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start date
1 February 2016
end date
15 November 2016


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