Urban and Productive Integrated Sustainable Settlements – El Salvador

Dr Navas-Alemán contributed to the MDG-F (a Spanish Fund for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals) joint program ‘Urban and Productive Integrated Sustainable Settlements El Salvador’. This has been designed and implemented jointly by UNDP, UNHABITAT and UNIDO.

Within this joint program, UNIDO aims to promote the development of the value chain for the low cost housing industry and to generate employment and business opportunities for poor stakeholders.

As the lead Value Chain consultant for UNIDO in this project, Dr Navas-Alemán had the following responsibilities:

  1. provide guidance and supervision for the elaboration of a value chain diagnostic of the low-cost construction sector, providing necessary support to consultants in El Salvador
  2. train and advise the project team and relevant stakeholders on value chain methodologies
  3. design and lead a workshop with key stakeholders in El Salvador to validate the results of the value chain diagnostic
  4. contribute to the formulation of an action plan following the end of the value chain diagnostic.

Project details

start date
1 August 2010
end date
31 March 2014


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