Book Review: Isabelle Guérin, Marc Labie and Jean-Michel Servet (2015): The Crises of Microcredit

Mader, P.
Journal of International Development 29.2
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An edited book by Isabelle Guérin, Marc Labie and Jean-Michel Servet shines the spotlight on numerous smaller crises and collapses that have plagued microcredit in many countries over the past two decades, some of which went unnoticed beyond narrow expert circles.

With contributions from economics, anthropology, management, sociology and practitioners, the ‘The Crises of Microcredit’ is heterodox and presumes little specialist knowledge. It collects nine essays, mostly with an empirical focus, that move beyond and overturn simplistic narratives about the micro?nance industry’s victimhood, in particular by studying its complex and sometimes troubling engagement with the borrowers.

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