Getting the Most Out of Participatory Impact Assessment: Reflections from a Multi-Country Cash Transfer Impact Assessment

Holland, J., Attah, R., Barca, V., O’Brien, C., Brook, S., Fisher, E. and Kardan, A.
CDI Practice Paper 19
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Mixed methods approaches are widely used in impact evaluations, but all too often a ‘methodological gap’ emerges between broad, large-scale surveys and in-depth, small-scale qualitative investigation that can be difficult to bridge.

In this CDI Practice Paper we reflect on a multi-country impact assessment of cash transfer programmes in sub-Saharan Africa. Within a broader mixed methods suite of research modules we discuss specifically the design of a qualitative module that used participatory methods to integrate quantitative and qualitative data and analysis. We conclude that future impact assessment design can utilise this self-standing ‘within?module’ participatory research approach to move beyond an impact assessment norm of often poorly integrated large-scale quantitative surveys and in-depth qualitative investigation.

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