How Can Mining in Côte d’Ivoire Better Serve Local Communities Without Exacerbating Conflict?

Allouche, J. and Mohammed, J.A.
IDS Policy Briefing
Publisher IDS
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Côte d’Ivoire is currently experiencing a mining boom. The country’s growing mining sector is quickly becoming an important source of national income, and could help to finance part of the government’s development agenda in the coming years.

Côte d’Ivoire, however, still faces political and security challenges, such as the mutinies that occurred in 2017. In fact, poorly managed mining booms can exacerbate social and political grievances. Weak governance and the perception that the benefits from mining are inequitably distributed have led to rioting in mining communities. Critical attention should be given to mitigating potential tensions relating to the impact and benefits of mining, both at local and national levels, to ensure that renewed bouts of violent conflict do not occur.
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