Realising the Potential of Agribusiness to Reduce Youth Unemployment in Ethiopia

Wossen, T. and Ayele, S.
IDS Policy Briefing 153
Publisher IDS
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Agribusiness in Ethiopia has grown significantly in the last 20 years, and this growth is set to continue. This transition presents opportunities to address the country’s high youth unemployment and for agribusinesses to participate in global, regional, and local markets.

In Ethiopia, youth (15–29 years old) are four times more likely to be unemployed compared to adults. While there are many jobs being created in the agribusiness sector, there are significant skill and pay gaps. Potential jobs are also being lost because of poor infrastructure and lack of access to suitable land. As Ethiopia moves towards further privatisation, the government needs to launch a strategy to create an efficient and competitive agribusiness sector to fuel ‘decent’ job creation for youth.

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