Reframing Gender Justice in an Unequal, Volatile World: IDS’ Directions for Future Research on Gender and Sexuality in Development

Edström, J., Chopra, D., Müller, C., Nazneen, S., Oosterhoff, P., Wood, S. and Zambelli, E. with Bannister, A., Brambilla, P. and Mason, P.
Publisher IDS
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At a time of major changes in global politics and trends, and major shifts in international development following the establishment of the global SDGs in Agenda 2030, the Gender and Sexuality cluster at IDS engaged in collaborative discussions and consultations over nine months with partner organisations, networks, external experts and policymakers.

Following this process through most of 2016, this brief outlines our priority directions for future research on gender and sexuality in development in an increasingly unequal, polarised and volatile world.

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