We Have the Internet in Our Hands’: Bangladeshi College Students’ Use of ICTs For Health Information

Waldman, L., Ahmed, T., Scott, N., Akter, S., Standing, H., Rasheed, S.,
Globalization and Health 14.31
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Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) which enable people to access, use and promote health information through digital technology, promise important health systems innovations which can challenge gatekeepers’ control of information, through processes of disintermediation. College students, in pursuit of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) information, are particularly affected by gatekeeping as strong social and cultural norms restrict their access to information and services.

This paper examines mobile phone usage for obtaining health information in Mirzapur, Bangladesh. It contrasts college students’ usage with that of the general population, asks whether students are using digital technologies for health information in innovative ways, and examines how gender affects this.

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