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IDS Bulletin Vol. 34 Nos. 3

Endpiece: The Politics of Livelihood Opportunity

Published on 1 July 2003

As previous sections of this Bulletin have shown, the livelihoods of poor, rural people in southern Africa are highly complex, often vulnerable and subject to many uncertainties biophysical, economic, institutional and political.

Any neat prescriptions or models about livelihoods do not stand up for long. Yet, as we have seen, whether in relation to wild resources, land or water and across the countries, certain basic assumptions are repeated. Despite the fact that these do not generally reflect empirical reality, they remain pervasive and influential in the framing of policy.

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This article comes from theĀ IDS Bulletin 34.3 (2003) Endpiece: The Politics of Livelihood Opportunity

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Scoones, I. and Wolmer, W. (2003) Endpiece: The Politics of Livelihood Opportunity. IDS Bulletin 34(3): 112-115

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Ian Scoones

Professorial Fellow

William Wolmer

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Wolmer, William
IDS Bulletin, volume 34, issue 3


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