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IDS Bulletin Vol. 41 Nos. 6

A Learning Approach to Monitoring and Evaluation

Published on 1 November 2010

This article draws on literature from both monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and organisational learning to explore synergies between these two fields in support of organisational performance.

Two insights from the organisational learning literature are that organisations learn through ‘double-loop’ learning: reflecting on experience and using this to question critically underlying assumptions; and that power relations within an organisation will influence what and whose learning is valued and shared. This article identifies four incentives that can help link M&E with organisational learning: the incentive to learn why; the incentive to learn from below; the incentive to learn collaboratively; and the incentive to take risks. Two key elements are required to support these incentives: (1) establishing and promoting an ‘evaluative culture’ within an organisation; and (2) having accountability relationships where value is placed on learning ‘why’, as well as on learning from mistakes, which requires trust.

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This article comes from the IDS Bulletin 41.6 (2010) A Learning Approach to Monitoring and Evaluation

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Oswald, K. and Taylor, P. (2010) A Learning Approach to Monitoring and Evaluation. IDS Bulletin 41(6): 114-120


Katy Oswald

Research Officer

Peter Taylor


Katy Oswald

Research Officer

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Oswald, K. and Taylor, P.
Pinto, Y., Haddad, L., Bonbright, D., Lindstrom, J.
IDS Bulletin, volume 41, issue 6


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