IDS Bulletin Vol. 40 Nos. 4

Accelerating Malnutrition Reduction in Orissa

Published on 1 July 2009

Orissa has performed better than the Indian average in terms of the rate of malnutrition reduction. This positive trend is supported by NFHS data, independent survey data and the State’s own monitoring data. Despite this good news, absolute rates remain high with 40 per cent of children under five malnourished, rising to 54 per cent amongst the tribal population. Encouraging progress but recognition of a long way to go has triggered the Department of Women and Child Development to develop a new operational plan to accelerate the pace of malnutrition reduction. The Nutrition Plan is based on five principles, the key being targeting the most vulnerable in high burden districts. Review of national and international experience, analysis of the Department’s data, plus primary data collection to fill information gaps, have created an evidence?based Plan which provides a challenging but realistic map for reaching an average annual malnutrition reduction of 3.5 percent.

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Sharma, M., Sarangi, B., L., Kanungo, J., Sahoo, S., Tripathy, L., Patnaik, A., Tewari, J. and Rath, A., D. (2009) Accelerating Malnutrition Reduction in Orissa. IDS Bulletin 40(4): 78-85

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