IDS Bulletin 49.2

Accountability for Health Equity: Galvanising a Movement for Universal Health Coverage

Published on 1 May 2018

In July 2017, IDS hosted a workshop on ‘Unpicking Power and Politics for Transformative Change: Towards Accountability for Health Equity’, with the aim of generating dialogue and mutual learning among activists, researchers, policymakers, and funders working towards more equitable health systems and a commitment to Universal Health Coverage (UHC).  

This issue of the IDS Bulletin is based around three principal themes that emerged from the workshop as needing particular attention. First, the nature of accountability politics ‘in time’ and the cyclical aspects of efforts towards accountability for health equity. Second, the contested politics of ‘naming’ and measuring accountability, and the intersecting dimensions of marginalisation and exclusion that are missing from current debates. Third, the shifting nature of power in global health and new configurations of health actors, social contracts, and the role of technology.

For the first time in IDS Bulletin history, themes are explored not only in text but also through a selection of online multimedia content, including a workshop video, a photo story and a documentary. This expansion into other forms of communication is explicitly aimed at galvanising larger numbers of people in a movement towards UHC and the linked agenda of accountability for health equity.

The articles and multimedia in this IDS Bulletin reflect the fact that while the desired outcome might be the same – better health for all – accountability strategies are as diverse as the contexts in which they have developed.

Table of contents

Multi-media content

Unpicking Power and Politics for Transformative Change: Workshop Video Sophie Marsden, Karine Gatellier and Sarah King

Enabling Community Action for Maternal Health: A Photo Story Vaishali Zararia, Renu Khanna and Sophie Marsden

Holding a Health System to Account: Voices from Mozambique (A Documentary) Denise Namburete and Erica Nelson

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