Adaptive Social Protection: Making Concepts a Reality – Guidance Notes for Practitioners

Published on 1 January 2013

Despite progress in the field of development over recent years, a combination of factors has led to ongoing and worsening poverty in some situations. Social protection has witnessed a rapid rise in popularity on the development policy agenda, and growing empirical evidence shows that it can contribute effectively to poverty reduction whilst also moving people into productive livelihoods. 

A range of toolkits are currently in existence around incorporating climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction into development projects and programmes, particularly those concerning livelihoods. Our review has, however, shown that very few of these toolkits are targeted at policymakers and practitioners who are concerned with designing social protection programmes, not to mention those that are also climate adaptive and disaster-resilient. We hope to remedy that here by outlining the process required to incorporate climate change adaptation and/or disaster risk reduction into social protection programmes, thereby ensuring that they become examples of adaptive social protection.

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Vincent, K. and Cull, T.


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