IDS Bulletin Vol. 33 Nos. 2

Agendas in Encountering Citizens in the Nigerian context Oga Steve Abah and Jenkeri Zakari Okwori

Published on 1 April 2002

Agaba is running berserk in the street, wielding a machete and prancing as if possessed. As he rants and raves, he seems oblivious of every one following him trying to stop him, to hear what the cause of his aggravations is. “I am going to kill someone today, in fact more than one! As many as will tell me that I do not come from this place! What does it take to come from this desert town after I have lived here for 30 years, and had twelve children here? If it is a football team they want I have produced it! So, what is it? I will truly kill someone!” When he finally comes to a stop he looks very weary, frustrated and defeated. As if it would help to talk, he narrates his problems. He has lived in Kano for 30 years, paid all his tax here and had all his 12 children in this town. Three of the children have gained admission to the university and the State would not give them scholarship. “Do you know why? They are telling them that they do not come from Kano! Where do they come from, every one?” That is why I am going mad, and I am right to do so, do you hear!? “He calms down again, and in a very subdued voice asks, Where do these children come from?”

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Abah, O.S. and Okwori, J.Z. (2002) Agendas in Encountering Citizens in the Nigerian context. IDS Bulletin 33(2): 1-8