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IDS Bulletin Vol. 46 Nos. 6

Anomaly or Augury? Global Food Prices Since 2007

Published on 15 November 2015

This article reviews the dynamics of global food prices since the food crisis of 2007–08, the extent to which international prices have influenced national prices and poverty and wellbeing outcomes, and considers whether this exceptional period represents an anomaly or likely signals future episodes of food price volatility.

It finds that although some factors that contributed to recent events have eased considerably, some significant drivers remain structural threats to future food security. There is little reason to be confident that recent reductions in food prices and volatilities augur well for the food security or wellbeing of those living on low and precarious incomes in the future.

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This article comes from the IDS Bulletin 46.6 (2015) Anomaly or Augury? Global Food Prices Since 2007

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King, R. (2015) Anomaly or Augury? Global Food Prices Since 2007. IDS Bulletin 46(6): 20-32

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