‘Because of COVID, Everything is a Mess’ How Have People with Disabilities Experienced the Pandemic in Nepal and Bangladesh?

Published on 1 March 2021

COVID-19 is deepening pre-existing inequalities. Emerging research suggests that people with disabilities across the world have experienced various rights violations and been disproportionality affected by the health, economic and social impacts of the pandemic and responses to it. The aim of this research was to better understand how people with disabilities who are often excluded from research have experienced the evolving COVID-19 pandemic in Bangladesh and Nepal. In order to better understand how it has affected some of the most marginalised groups of people with disabilities, this study used in-depth qualitative research to focus on people with intellectual, psychosocial, deafblindness and other multiple impairments.

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Rohwerder, B., Thompson, S., Shaw, J., Wickenden, M., Kayastha, S., Sigdel, A., Akter, F. & Bosri, R. (2021) ‘Because of COVID, everything is a mess’ How have people with disabilities experienced the pandemic in Nepal and Bangladesh? Brighton: Institute of Development Studies, DOI: 10.19088/IF.2021.001


Brigitte Rohwerder

Research Officer

Stephen Thompson

Research Fellow

Jackie Shaw

Research Fellow

Mary Wickenden

Research Fellow

Anita Sigdel
Fatema Akter
Shubha Kayastha
Rabia Bosri

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10.19088/IF.2021.001 10.19088/IF.2021.002 10.19088/IF.2021.003


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