EMERGE Case Study

Beyond the Prostate: Brazil’s National Healthcare Policy for Men

Published on 16 September 2015

There are only three countries in the world – Australia, Ireland, and Brazil – with national men’s health policies. The Brazilian case is particularly compelling. In 2009, the Brazilian Ministry of Health, along with civil society, medical associations, and academic actors, created the pioneering National Comprehensive Healthcare Policy for Men (PNAISH). This case study shares PNAISH’s evolution, exposing its challenges and successes. It aims to guide global policy makers, practitioners, and researchers, on promoting men’s health as a platform to improve gender transformative healthcare for both men and women, and to advance gender equality more broadly.

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Spindler, E. (2015) ‘Beyond the Prostate: Brazil’s National Healthcare Policy for Men’, EMERGE Case Study, Promundo-US, Sonke Gender Justice and the Institute of Development Studies

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Spindler, Esther