IDS Evidence Report 83

Brazil Public Opinion Monitor: Causes of Poverty Survey Results

Published on 1 July 2014

The Brazil Public Opinion Monitor (BPOM) is a longitudinal panel of 2,672 opinion leaders from across Brazil. It aims to provide an ongoing monitor of opinions and perspectives on the economic and social development of Brazil, and on Brazil’s place in the wider world. A particular sub-theme is Brazil’s relations with other emerging and developing economies in South America and globally.

The current survey was undertaken in December 2013. Of the 2,672 members of the panel, 1,294 returned the fully completed questionnaire. A summary of the results is provided in the report.

The focus of the current survey was poverty in Brazil. Panel members were asked about current levels of poverty in Brazil, how they expected the level of poverty to change looking to the future, and what factors they considered to be the major determinants of poverty in the country. The same questions were put to panels in India and South Africa, enabling comparisons to be made with other BRICS countries.

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Henson, S. (2014) Brazil Public Opinion Monitor: Causes of Poverty Survey Results, IDS Evidence Report 83, Brighton: IDS


Spencer Henson

Professorial Fellow

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IDS Evidence Report, issue 83


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