FAC Working Paper 14

Can Agro-Dealers Deliver the Green Revolution in Kenya?

Published on 1 August 2010

The Government of Kenya, with the backing of development and charitable organisations, has been implementing programmes to increase agricultural productivity and rural incomes and trigger a new Green Revolution (GR). These activities focus on increasing farmers’ access to and application of modern farming inputs, particularly improved seeds and fertilisers, delivered mainly through agro-dealers. Given that Kenyan farmers operate in a highly heterogeneous environment, this study was motivated to ask: Can agro-dealers deliver the Green Revolution in Kenya? In answering this question, the study examined the evolution and characteristics of agrodealers in the cereals subsector and explored how they command a central position in policy narratives put forward by key actors in the policy arena, each advocating a new GR for Kenya.

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Odame, H. and Muange, E. (2010) Can Agro-Dealers Deliver the Green Revolution in Kenya?, FAC Working Paper 14, Brighton: Future Agricultures Consortium