Characterising Resilience: Unpacking the concept for tackling climate change and development

Published on 28 January 2013

This paper reviews academic use of the concept of ‘resilience’ in social, ecological and socio-ecological systems and its application to the climate, disaster and development nexus.

From this review, we distil 10 key characteristics of resilience: high diversity; effective governance and institutions; the ability to work with uncertainty and change; community involvement and the inclusion of local knowledge; preparedness and planning for disturbances; high social and economic equity; robust social values and structures, acknowledging non-equilibrium dynamics, continual and effective learning and the adoption of a cross-scalar perspective.

 Finally, we highlight knowledge gaps and suggest directions for further research.

Publication details

published by
Taylor and Francis
Bahadur, A., Ibrahim, M. and Tanner, T.
Climate and Development, volume 5, issue 1


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