Child Wellbeing in Kazakhstan

Published on 2 July 2012

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of children in Kazakhstan focusing on key dimensions of child wellbeing, including monetary poverty estimates, outcomes for other wellbeing indicators and regional comparisons. In particular, it will analyse the discrepancies between the wellbeing of children living in different parts of Kazakhstan, focusing on differences between different regions and between urban and rural areas.

Thereby, the analysis will further the understanding of child wellbeing and identify those children that are the most vulnerable by adopting an equity perspective. In particular, this study aims to provide a benchmark study of child wellbeing that provides crucial information of who and where the poor children are, what types of deprivations they suffer from, what might cause or alleviate their lack of wellbeing and how this can be addressed by social policies. It will provide an important reference document and inform evidence-based policy-making.


Keetie Roelen

IDS Honorary Associate

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Roelen, K. and Gassmann, F.


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