Climate Change and Development

Published on 7 January 2014

This book addresses the two greatest challenges of our time – averting catastrophic climate change and eradicating poverty – and the close interconnections between them.

The evidence for human-induced climate change is now overwhelming, the brunt of its impacts is already being felt by poor people, and the case for urgent action is compelling. This text provides a comprehensive and multi- disciplinary foundation for understanding the complex and tangled relationship between development and climate change, drawing on real- world examples to illustrate key points. It argues that transformational approaches are required in order to reconcile poverty reduction and climate protection and secure sustained prosperity in the twenty- first century.


“The challenges of underdevelopment and climate change have the same roots and potentially the same solutions. This accessible, clear and insightful analysis spells out in the greatest detail the moral, political and technical elements of both. Highly recommended.” Neil Adger, University of Exeter

“As climate change is becoming recognized as the defining issue of our era, this book is essential reading for both students and professionals in NGOs, the UN and other agencies working on the interface between environment and development.” Dr Saleemul Huq, Director, International Centre for Climate Change and Development, Independent University, Bangladesh

“This book presents a critical analysis of the relationship between climate change and development. The authors convincingly argue that current development practices, policies and pathways need to be transformed to meet the challenges of climate change. They also provide exciting examples of emerging approaches and new paradigms for sustainable development that will be of interest to both students and practitioners.”  Karen O’Brien, University of Oslo

“Finding the right way forward to simultaneously address both the world’s pressing development needs and the equally pressing need to save the planet’s climate – that’s the most important task of our time. Climate Change and Development is the best text available on this challenging, vital subject. Bringing equity and environment together isn’t easy, but this book is a major contribution in this regard. Highly recommended.” James Gustave Speth, author of America the Possible: Manifesto for a New Economy, and former Administrator, United Nations Development Programme

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