CLTS in Africa: Trajectories, Challenges and Moving to Scale

Published on 8 February 2023

This book chapter looks at the progress and maturing of Community-led Total Sanitation (CLTS) in Africa. It introduces innovations and adaptations, poses questions and challenges and suggests possible ways forward as CLTS goes to scale on the continent.

At the AfricaSan 3 conference in Kigali it was clear that in short three years since the last AfricaSan conference, and in only five years since its initial rollout in Africa, CLTS had spread and diversified to become more embedded in Africa than in any other region.

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Bongartz, P. (2014) ‘CLTS in Africa: Trajectories, challenges and moving to scale’, In: P. Cross & Y. Coombes, eds. Sanitation and Hygiene in Africa: Where do We Stand? Analysis from the AfricaSan Conference, Kigali, Rwanda. London: IWA Publishing, pp. 133-142.

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Petra Bongartz

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