IDS Bulletin Vol. 40 Nos. 3

Conclusion: Understanding Violent Realities … and Transforming Them?

Published on 1 May 2009

The conclusion sums up the contributions which this IDS Bulletin makes towards the goals of reducing violence through social action and improving research in violent contexts. These contributions are of three kinds: methodological, ethical and transformational, with respect to the violent realities in which the processes unfolded. Methodologically speaking, the contributions in this issue offer a series of insights that permit better understandings of violence and better contextual awareness of violent settings. They emphasise innovative research methodologies which elicit insights from those who experience violence but are often invisible. Ethically speaking, contributors’ concerns with uncovering often?suppressed facets, dynamics and perspectives on violence are part of their normative interest in the emergence of democratic forms of politics and progressive social change. The research intervention can serve as a catalyst for transforming violent realities, dislodging and re?focusing participants’ viewpoints on their lifeworlds, allowing changes to happen.

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McGee, R. (2009) Conclusion: Understanding Violent Realities … and Transforming Them?. IDS Bulletin 40(3): 107-122