Creative Nepal – Expressions of Sexuality and Gender

Published on 1 December 2012

This website is the product of research that was conducted by Nepal’s sexual and gender minorities, Paul Boyce and Daniel Coyle in December 2012 as part of a larger research funded by the Institute of Development Studies on Sexuality and Law in different countries around the world.

Members of Blue Diamond Society, a Nepali NGO working on HIV prevention in MSM/transgender communities in Nepal, were given film cameras and a brief training on photographic methods by Roxy Cruz, who also assisted and accompanied them as they carried out the assignment. Participants were then asked to take photos on a variety of themes related to their society, sexuality, life-worlds, government and change in Nepal. Afterwards, participants discussed and arranged their photos in a variety of different ways and encouraged to interpret for the researchers.

Their photos were then compiled with quotes from the photo workshops to produce this photo blog, which will hopefully continue to be updated. The words are their own and as often as possible the quotes correspond to the photos they were describing at the time; however, because many photos did not fully develop, in some instances their interpretations were given to photos with similar visual themes.


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