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Discourses, Dynamics and Disquiet: Multiple Knowledges in Science, Society and Development

Published on 1 January 2008

The links between science, society and development are attracting research and policy attention as never before. Rapid advances in science and technology, whether in the fields of health, agriculture, information and communication, industrial production or environment offer, it seems, an array of new promises and opportunities in meeting development challenges.

As we approach the end of the new Millennium’s first decade, science, technology and development have become a firmly embedded part of the international scene, attracting the attention of donors, intergovernmental and ministerial initiatives, NGOs and business corporations alike.

This editorial for our special issue reflects on the fact that the emerging relationships between science, technology and processes of social change are providing a fertile field for analysts and practitioners engaged in the diversity of what we might define as development studies, yet also challenge them to engage more effectively with complex dynamics and multiple knowledges.


Linda Waldman

Director of Teaching and Learning

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Leach, M., Sumner, A. and Waldman, L.
Journal of International Development, volume 20, issue 6