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Economic Transition, Institutional Changes and the Health System: Some Lessons from Rural China

Published on 1 January 2007

The success of China in its transition has received a great deal of attention from economists. At the same time, public health experts have accumulated evidence on setbacks within the Chinese health sector, particularly in rural areas. This paper puts these two bodies of knowledge together. It explores the links between the two phenomena. The review shows that economic transition, the ‘Chinese way’, creates specific challenges for the rural health sector. It also invites transition experts to pay more attention to health. There is a need for more studies on how health system development is influenced by economic and public finance reforms.

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Journal of Economic Policy Reform (2007) 10 (3) 209-232 [DOI:10.1080/17487870701446033]

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Gerald Bloom

Research Fellow

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Bloom, G. and Meesen, B.
The Journal of Economic Policy Reform, volume 10, issue 3


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