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Embrapa and the Construction of Scientific Heritage in Brazilian Agriculture: Sowing Memory

Published on 1 November 2020

The Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation, Embrapa, is well renowned for incorporating the Cerrado into Braziltry’s modern agriculture through its discoveries of how to improve infertile soils and to develop soybean seeds adapted to the Tropics.

Known as the Tropical Revolution, Brazil’s own Green Revolution, this past episode continues to define Embrapa’s identity and Brazil’s agricultural science and technology, reinforcing a view of agricultural development while neglecting alternatives. Purpose: This article seeks to understand how Embrapa has carved its name in Brazil’s agricultural history, creating a powerful national brand with global recognition. It explores what constitutes Embrapa’s ‘organizational heritage’. how this has been built within the organization, and to what effect.

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Cabral, LEmbrapa and the construction of scientific heritage in Brazilian agriculture: Sowing memoryDev Policy Rev2021001– 22


Lídia Cabral

Rural Futures Cluster Lead

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