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IDS Bulletin 47.6

Engaged Excellence or Excellent Engagement? Collaborating Critically to Amplify the Voices of Male Survivors of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence

Published on 22 December 2016

This article considers the Institute of Development Studies’(IDS) concept of ‘engaged excellence’ from a postcolonial perspective, interrogating notions of ‘excellence’ determined in the global North, and calling for deep, long-term and mutually constitutive ‘excellent engagement’ between institutions in the global South and North.

It offers a case study of how excellent engagement has developed over a decade-long relationship between researchers from IDS and from a partner organisation in Uganda, the Refugee Law Project, and how incrementally these have extended to include intensive engagement with the lives and advocacy commitments of an association of male survivors of sexual violence.

Engaged excellence, it argues, can only be the outcome of excellent engagement, itself a process that is challenged by structural arrangements related to funding from and academic enterprise within the global North.

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IDS Bulletin 47.6

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IDS Bulletin, volume 47, issue 6