ESRC-DFID Research for Policy and Practice: Women’s Life Choices

Published on 1 March 2018

This collection of ESRC-DFID-funded research identifies critical elements that are important to address if women’s and girls’ lives are to change for the better.

The research looks at the mobility constraints experienced by girls and how a lack of access to means of transport hampers their access to paid work, health services, and schooling. It also identifies the barriers that women face when it comes to attending lifesaving diagnostic treatment or accessing maternal health-care services.

Furthermore, it emphasises the significant role of education systems in not only enhancing women’s economic opportunities but also in helping to bridge the gender gap by shaping young people’s aspirations in their future career choices.


Image of Vivienne Benson
Vivienne Benson

Communications Officer

Image of Kelly Shephard
Kelly Shephard

Head of Knowledge, Impact and Policy

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published by
Institute of Development Studies and The Impact Initiative
Benson, V. and Shephard, K.


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