European Development Cooperation in a Changing World: Rising Powers and Global Challenges after the Financial Crisis

Published on 8 November 2010

This paper is written as part of a programme of work on the prospects for European Union development cooperation in the period up to 2020. One part of this programme focuses on ‘New Actors in International Development’ and includes analyses of a variety of ‘new actors’, ranging from private foundations to countries in Eastern Europe, some of which are developing aid programmes for the first time, and to rising powers such as Brazil, India and China.

This particular paper addresses the significance for EU development cooperation of two large and important new actors in this field, China and India. More specifically, it considers these implications in the context of new challenges for development cooperation arising from global instabilities and the 2008-9 global financial crisis.


John Humphrey

Professorial Fellow

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Humphrey, J.
EDC2020 Working Paper, issue 8


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