Experiments in using Drama and Theatre to look at Sexuality and Oppression

Published on 1 June 2015

As part of the Sexuality and Development Programme at IDS, a project was undertaken to explore the application of drama and theatre to research into sexualities. Three workshops were undertaken in Uganda, India and UK to work with different groups working in the areas of gender and sexualities.

The workshops were in part to train groups in qualitative research methods, but also to give space to experimentation and discussion about the use of drama techniques. Mostly this took the form of practical, physical workshops followed by reflection. The methods seemed to resonate with and be interesting to the groups, allowing spaces for in depth, intimate discussion which may not have existed otherwise.

There is also discussion about the implications of prioritising physical, non-verbal communication and knowledge, especially when researching the area of sexualities. The potential and possibilities of using such methods is clear, as well as the need for more in depth exploration and rigorous analysis of the complexities they present.

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Makepeace, E. and Khanna, A.


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