Gender Profile of Zambia

Published on 1 January 1994

What is the present state of gender relations in Zambia? Has economic recession and adjustment impacted differently on women and men? Like many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, Zambia has adopted structural adjustment and liberalisation measures in order to pull itself out of severe economic recession.

This report argues that so far, economic changes have done little to close gender gaps and enhance women’s position in society and the economy. Rather economic changes have tended to benefit women less than men, and increase their burden of work. Women are still excluded from agricultural export markets, lack mobility, lack access to credit and labour, and remain disadvantaged in education and customary law.

While the new government in 1992 established Women’s Affairs desks in all ministries, there is a general feeling that commitment to addressing gender inequalities remains low. However, a wide range of international donors have been seeking to put gender issues onto the government agenda, and improve the position of and opportunities for Zambian women.

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