Global Perspectives on Gender Equality: Reversing the Gaze

Published on 1 January 2008

The Nordic countries have long been seen as pioneers in promoting gender equality. The book brings together scholars from the global South and post-socialist economies to reflect on Nordic approaches to gender equality.

The contributors to the book seek to explore from a comparative perspective the vision, values, policies, mechanisms, coalitions of interests and political processes that help to explain Nordic achievements on gender equality. While some contributors explore the Nordic experience through the prism of their own realities, others explore their own realities through the Nordic prism. By cutting across normal geographical boundaries, disciplinary boundaries and the boundaries between theory and policy, this book will be of interest to all readers with an interest in furthering gender equality.


Naila Kabeer

Emiritus Fellow

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Kabeer, N., Stark, A. and Magnus, E.
0 41596 349 7


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