Making All Voices Count Research Report

Going vertical: citizen-led reform campaigns in the Philippines

Published on 1 December 2016

The Philippines has a long history of state–society engagement to introduce reforms in government and politics. Forces from civil society and social movements have interfaced with reform-oriented leaders in government on a range of social accountability initiatives – to make governance more responsive, to introduce policy reforms, and to make government more accountable. Several theoretical propositions on which strategic approaches work best for social accountability initiatives have been put forward – including the idea of vertically integrated civil society monitoring and advocacy. This multi-authored research report uses vertical integration as a framework for examining seven successful civil society social accountability initiatives in the Philippines, looking at what made them successful, and how the gains they realised can be deepened and sustained.

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Aceron, J. and Isaac, F. (eds.) (2016) Going vertical: citizen-led reform campaigns in the Philippines. Making All Voices Count Research Report, Brighton: IDS.

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