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Health markets and future health systems: innovation for equity

Published on 1 January 2008

Many low – and low-middle income countries have pluralistic health systems, characterized by widespread and often highly segmented markets offering a diverse range of health-related goods and services. Out-of-pocket payment for health care averages more than 50% of all health spending in these countries, with non-state providers, both private and not-for-profit, typically providing the majority of outpatient curative care. If health services are to benefit the poor, it is essential to gain a detailed understanding of such markets that can both inform attitudes towards them and guide innovations that attempt to engage with them to improve health outcomes.


Gerald Bloom

Research Fellow

Henry Lucas

Research Fellow

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Bloom, G. Champion, C. Lucas, H., Rahman, M.H., Bhuiya, A., Oladepo, O. and Peters, D.
Global Forum Update on Research for Health, volume 5


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