HEART Family Planning Topic Guide

Published on 1 May 2014

This document presents a summary of family planning. It reviews existing literature, examining carefully what the current knowledge is, where the important issues or problems lie and “what works”. It is divided into ten sections.

This guide was produced as a result of a reading week held for the UK Department for International Development (DFID) advisers in mid-2012. The topics and readings were chosen by experts in the field but are not a comprehensive review of all family planning literature. This topic guide is an update and based on the key readings selected for this week plus updated materials. The main audience for this guide is policymakers, advisers, managers and practitioners.


Catherine Grant

Research Officer

Stephen Thompson

Research Fellow

Publication details

Cleland, J., Foster, G., Holley, C., Thompson, S., Millington, K. and Kanguru, L.


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