K4D Helpdesk Report 061

How Do Development Agencies Organise Their In-House Technical Expertise?

Published on 29 March 2017

In order to find out how their in-house technical expertise is organised, the organisational structures of eleven international development organisations and multinational agencies have been explored. Issues which cut across countries and sectors (thematic approaches) are also listed for each organisation, as this may affect the level/type of expertise available.

Due to the sensitive nature of this query, as well as other work-related issues, it is difficult to confirm the numbers and variety of staff expertise available for developmental work for some organisations using available online data. This report is based primarily on summarising information from public documents published by the agencies themselves. The amount of information available varies widely from agency to agency, and is not necessarily comparable across agencies. Some information included in this report was also obtained through informal personal communication with staff members of the agencies mentioned, who spoke with us on condition of anonymity.

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