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IDS aims to stimulate debate and influence the way people think about development issues. It has an active publishing programme ranging from final research reports to working papers presenting research at its early stages.

IDS Bulletin

The IDS Bulletin is an open access, peer-review journal exploring emerging international development challenges. It is published bi-monthly and is our flagship publication. Progressive economic, social and political change for everyone needs new kinds of action and relationships, shaped by new kinds of research and engagement. The IDS Bulletin aims to transform development knowledge, through its unique thematic issues developed by global learning partnerships that bridge academic, practice and policy discourse.

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IDS Research Report

IDS Research Reports are substantive works such as finished research project findings. This is an occasional series.

IDS Evidence Report

IDS Evidence Reports publish findings and implications arising from case studies, country cases and literature reviews. They are part of the Strengthening Evidence-based Policy programme which aims to expand a set of practical policy options in six key areas:

Each report contains a 2-4 page executive summary for the more general reader.

IDS Research Summary

The IDS Research Summary series consists of concise two-page summaries accompanying publications such as IDS Research Reports or the IDS Bulletin. This is an occasional series.


IDS Working Paper

IDS Working Papers present new ideas and work in progress at an initial stage from IDS research programmes and partnerships.

IDS Practice Papers

IDS Practice Papers are academically rigorous papers aimed at programme and policy managers. This occasional series is a bridge between the considered reflection of Working Papers and policy-oriented Policy Briefings, and aims for high-quality engaged scholarship with the development community.

IDS Practice Paper In Briefs

Practice Paper In Briefs are produced by the Impact and Learning Team (ILT) at IDS, with contributions from both team members and partners. They aim to share the team's experiences and learning around ideas they are exploring in the context of their work on knowledge brokers and information intermediaries.

The knowledge broker and information intermediary sector comprises those who seek to improve flows of knowledge between actors in decision-making and change processes in order to generate better development outcomes. These intermediaries act in a range of ways: enabling access to information; helping people to make sense of it; and facilitating connections that enable knowledge to be shared between stakeholders.

ILT's experiences contribute to the body of knowledge, and are not intended to be read as offering incontestable insights or providing perfect models. For this reason, the In Briefs should not be read in isolation, and should be seen as complementary to other work conducted on related issues of capacity development, knowledge management, and policy influence, including other ILT publications.

CDI Practice Papers

The CDI Practice Paper series is published by the Centre for Development Impact (CDI), a joint initiative between IDS and ITAD. The Centre aims to contribute to innovation and excellence in the areas of impact assessment, evaluation and learning in development.

IDS Papers

IDS produces numerous papers during the course of research projects and programmes, not all of which go through official publication channels, in order to publish online quickly.


IDS Policy Briefings

These briefings are based on the latest IDS research and aim to provide high-quality analysis and practical recommendations for policymakers on important development issues. (They replace the recent In Focus Policy Briefing (IFPB) series.)

IDS Rapid Response Briefings

IDS Rapid Response Briefings aim to provide high-level analysis of rapidly emerging and unexpected global events, and their impact on global development policy and practice.


IDS Researchers write or edit many books and these are published by Practical Action, Palgrave, Earthscan, Zed and many other publishing houses. These works, covering all development themes, are available to purchase through the publishers' own websites.

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