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CDI Practice Paper 7

Improving Co-benefits and ‘Triple Win’ Impacts from Climate Action: The Role of Guidance Tools

Published on 1 April 2014

This CDI Practice Paper addresses the role of tools in supporting interventions to achieve the ‘triple wins’ of adaptation, mitigation and development.

Over recent years there has been a proliferation of guidance tools to support adaptation or mitigation, increasingly in a development context, but little work on the role tools play in helping to bridge the gap between these three areas in practice.

Based on a review of tools in view of ‘climate compatible development’, the paper suggests key considerations for how tools could help achieve ‘triple wins’. They include:

  1. the importance of understanding how tools are a way of defining and shaping a goal, not merely helping to implement actions to achieve it;
  2. the value of acknowledging different starting points, and that a lot of the integration is happening – and will continue to happen – on the side of users; and 
  3. because tools cannot provide all the answers to complex problems they need to be complemented by analysis of actors, goals and outcomes.

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Naess, L.O.; Hagemann, M.; Harvey, B.; Urban, F.; Hendel-Blackford, S. and Höhne, N. (2014) Improving Co-benefits and 'Triple Win' Impacts from Climate Action: The Role of Guidance Tools, CDI Practice Paper 7, Brighton: IDS


Lars Otto Naess

Resource Politics and Environmental Change Cluster Lead

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Naess, L.O., Hagemann, M., Harvey, B., Urban, F., Hendel-Blackford, S. and Höhne, N.
CDI Practice Paper, issue 7


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