Improving Social Protection’s Response to Child Poverty and Vulnerability in Nepal – Policy Brief

Published on 1 January 2016

Nepal can be considered at the forefront of social protection compared to other low-income countries, being one of the first to have introduced a social pension, implementing a set of nationally funded social protection schemes and in the process of finalising a National Framework for Social Protection (NFSP). At the same time Nepal’s social protection schemes suffer from coverage, implementation and delivery challenges, and has had to respond and adapt to the 2015 earthquake emergencies.

This brief presents findings from a study by Save the Children and the Centre for Social Protection (CSP) at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) aiming to assess the extent to which social protection in Nepal addresses child poverty and vulnerability and can be considered to be ‘child sensitive’, and how it can be strengthened to further improve children’s lives.


Keetie Roelen

IDS Honorary Associate

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Save the Children
Roelen, K., Karki Chettri, H., Pun, B., Rayamajhi, S., Dangal, H. and Sjöblom, D.
Save the Children Policy Brief


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