Working Paper

Information Ecosystems of Policy Actors – Reviewing the Landscape

Published on 24 September 2012

This is a draft report to share some interim findings from the study – Information Ecosystems of Policy Actors – reviewing the landscape. This report is for general circulation on the understanding that it is a work in progress. The research was part of the Mobilising Knowledge for Development programme based funded by DFID (UK).

The programme is based at IDS and works with a range of partners and collaborators to strengthen the knowledge intermediary sector. The interim findings report on face-to-face structured interviews with 368 policy actors in 4 countries – Ethiopia, Ghana, Nepal and India. The study presents data to inform key research questions. With each chapter the report makes recommendations for the knowledge intermediary sector.

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Batchelor, S.J.
IDS Working Paper, issue 401
978 1 85864 079 2


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