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IDS Bulletin Vol. 35 Nos. 3

Insurance and Financial Sector Support for Adaptation

Published on 1 July 2004

As the contributions by Burton, Huq and Reid and Agrawala in this Bulletin demonstrate, adapting to climate change will require financial resources. For the most vulnerable, only part of these resources are likely to be met by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change’s (UNFCC) financial provisions and Official Development Assistance (ODA).

This article tackles issues surrounding the availability of weather-related insurance in developed and developing countries. In doing so, it touches on some broader issues around the financial services sector in the climate debate, including the role of this sector in promoting mitigation responses which may prevent some climate impacts from occurring and thus limit the amount of adaptation funding needed in the future. The aim of this article is not to provide an academic assessment of the academic literature on the role of insurance and the financial sector in climate change which is the job of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Rather it aims to provide an entry into the very broad and complex issues raised by experts within the financial services sector (FSS) both inside and outside the UNFCCC context.

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This article comes from the IDS Bulletin 35.3 (2004) Insurance and Financial Sector Support for Adaptation

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