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IDS Bulletin Vol. 40 Nos. 2

Introduction: Transforming Security and Development in an Unequal World

Published on 1 March 2009

Security is a contested concept, which means very different things to different people. It bears the heavy historical imprint of the existing state system and of global capitalism.

However this IDS Bulletin contends that it is essential that the development community understands and engages with security issues, for violent conflict and insecurity can no longer be treated as exogenous shocks disturbing the smooth course of development; but rather they should be seen as intrinsic to development itself.

In the twenty‐first century, the dominant state‐based narratives of security are no longer credible and need to be rethought, especially from the perspective of the poor, vulnerable and dispossessed. This article and this IDS Bulletin as a whole are an attempt to sketch out a multilevel framework for the governance of (in)security, taking human and citizen security as its starting point, and addressing the gender, class, ethnic, religious, etc. inequalities built into the dominant narratives of security.

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IDS Bulletin 40.2

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