K4D Africa Shift Climate and Energy Conference

Published on 18 March 2020

K4D recently hosted a two-day virtual conference bringing together different parts of the HMG network, think-tanks, external agencies and other organisations on issues related to climate and energy in Africa. The event drew on strengths from each department to establish a clear vision for what the group can deliver this year and beyond.

Video recordings of the presentations from the two days can be found below covering topics such as context, problems and key science, linking to development programming on poverty, vulnerability and economic development.


Sara Rusling: Introduction to the Africa Shift

Introducing the Africa Shift Sara Rusling, Africa Climate Change Lead sets out DFID’s objectives for 2030 and its priorities for this year.


Kirsty Lewis: Climate change, climate risks and climate-resilient development in Africa

In this video Kirsty Lewis, DFID Climate Science Advisor, Met Office and Global Systems Institute, discusses climate change, climate risks and what they mean for climate-resilient development in Africa.


Rosalind West: Climate Science

Rosalind West, Climate Science Advisor, RED Division, Climate, Energy and Water Team, discusses the Future Climate for Africa (FCFA) programme, which has been DFID’s flagship climate science programme for the last 5 years. The programme has achieved its dual aim to generate fundamentally new climate science in relation to Africa and ensure this science is brought into use through pilot programmes.


Helen Bye: Impact Stories: What difference has being involved in WISER made?


In the last 10 years, we have seen a shift in the way information has been taken from producers of weather and climate data and the users of those services. In this video Helen Bye, Head of International Development at the Met Office and Global Systems Institute, shares some insights and impact stories gathered at the end of phase 1 of the WISER programme.


Sam Barrett: Climate science – the true, not so true and how to use it

Sam Barrett, Researcher at IIED, looks at the true and the not so true of climate science, explaining how to use this (mis)information.


Clare Shakya: What Africa Wants

Clare Shakya, Director of the Climate Change Group at IIED, discusses what is and isn’t working and asks LDCs are asking for.


Norman Tinarwo: DFID Zimbabwe: View from a country office

Norman Tinarwo, Climate & Environment Adviser for DFID Zimbabwe, offers a view from a country office


Ina Porras: Nature-based Solutions: Why nature? Why now? Why DFID?

In this video Ina Porras, Economic Adviser in the Africa Regional Department at DFID, discusses what contemporary nature-based solutions are out there and why they are important.


Arnaud Rouget and Kieran McNamara: Africa Energy Outlook

IEA’s interest in Africa, reflected in its ramped-up work on the continent, is driven by Africa’s increased influence in global energy trends. Five years after the IEA’s first special report on Africa, Arnaud Rouget and Kieran McNamara provide an in-depth picture Africa’s energy sector


Priya Gupta: NDC Ambition Strategy

In this video Priya Gupta, Policy Advisor – International Climate Negotiations (UNFCCC), Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS): Ambition Strategy, discusses current NDCs and the UNFCCC’s Ambition Strategy.


Jahan Chowdury: NDC Partnership

Jahan Chowdury, Country Engagement Director, NDC Partnership, discusses who the NDC Partnership is, what they do and what their delivery model is.


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