IDS Policy Briefing 87

Knowledge Sharing and Development in a Digital Age

Published on 1 February 2015

Digital technologies are reaching ever further into remote parts of the world, changing how people access, use, and create information and knowledge.

These changes may improve people’s lives by making information more available, increasing avenues for political and economic engagement, and making governments more transparent and responsive. However, they also carry dangers of growing digital divides, threats to privacy, and the potential loss of diversity of knowledge. Governments, development agencies and civil society organisations need to work together to make knowledge more inclusive and open. This calls for investment in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure, information professionals, and search and discovery tools.

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Bimbe, N.; Brownlee, J.; Gregson, J. and Playforth, R. (2015) 'Knowledge Sharing and Development in a Digital Age', IDS Policy Briefing 87, Brighton: IDS

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Bimbe, N., Brownlee, J., Gregson, J. and Playforth, R.
IDS Policy Briefing, issue 87


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